by Anna Frants and CYLAND MediaArtLab
Media installation
Live Cam, Video Projection, Toys, Programing.
From the series “Law breakers”, 2019

The word “hooligan”, which nowadays means “young troublemaker”, “brawler” or “bully”, came into the Russian language from English sounding pretty much the same. There are three versions of the term’s origins: from the name of the Irishman Patrick Houlihan who was going wild in the London district of Southwark; from the word “hooley”, which in Irish means a “rowdy drinking party”; from the name of the street gang Hooley Gang in the northern London district of Islington. The use of the word in English dates to the 1890s, and in the early 20th century it became international.

Participation in Exhibitions:
Anna Frants. VISIONARY DREAMS № 3287-3291. Borey Art Center, St.Petersburg, Russia (Dec. 2019)

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