by Anna Frants and CYLAND MediaArtLab
Media installation, 2021
Engineers: Philipp Avetisov

“Unidentified Object No. 4” Monitors, broken glass, wrench, video 2021, St. Petersburg

What is an unidentified object? Is it a homeless person without ID? Could it be any thing of an unusual shape? In fact, it could be anything about which we do not have enough information.

According to Marcel Duchamp, artists do not necessarily have to create a work of art: they might just choose an unidentified/ unknown/ found/ ready-made object and put it into the context of a museum or gallery, thus turning it into an object d’art.

One character in an old Soviet film claims that he could attach “this thingy” to a readymade object, “and it’s gonna fly”, thus transforming it into an Unidentified Flying Object, which does not have to have the shape of a saucer. Anna Frants, a new-media artist, attaches electronic devices and thingies to her readymade or reclaimed objects. This probably would not make them fly, but it might make them ready to perceive the cosmos and explore chaos.

Unidentified Objects No. 1, 2, 3″
CYFEST-13, St. Petersburg RU (2021) – Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design

Exhibition in Borey gallery, St. Petersburg RU (Dec. 2021)

Participation in Exhibitions:
Anna Frants. VISIONARY DREAMS № 3292-3296. UNIDENTIFIED OBJECTS. Borey Art Center, St.Petersburg RU (Dec. 2021)