By Anna Frants
5 mini projectors, players, video, 5 old glass vessels
Cyland MediaArtLab, 2016

Project “Bluest of the Seas” begins with the 90-year-old Signora sharing a story from her past with her granddaughter.

Be it bathing in the noon sun or filled with the chirping of cicadas, the Italian town of Maranola, which is rising up from the warm sea, is always resplendent. For its inhabitants, the seascape became some kind of a “Magic Lantern” (Laterna Magica) – a futuristic video with sounds and smells. It was also the means of sustenance in hard times. During the Second World War, women from the village used vessels made of thick green glass to bring seawater to the village, walking for 5 kilometers with 30-liter bottles on their heads. Seawater was then boiled down and the salt obtained from this process was transported through the mountains to the places where it could be exchanged for other basic necessities.

Video by Ekaterina Kondranina