By Anna Frants;
Robotics and Computer Programming by Alexei Grachev
MediaLab Cyland

Metallic Conveyor Belt, 3D Print, Arduino, Hand-knitting
Sizes: Vary

It’s been said that Yuz Aleshkovsky created the following schedule for his son’s edification:

8:00 To wake up
8:05 To brush your teeth
8:15 To reflect on life
8:30 To have breakfast
And so on.

In the work “Reflection on Life No. 125082”, the numbering is provisional; let’s say that it starts from the date of birth No. 0, and the image in the reflection on live No. 1 should probably be seen upside down, the way a baby is supposed to see it…
Do the “exercises of reflection on life” make us better, wiser or kinder? I don’t know. Let’s leave this to the son of Aleshkovsky.
I still think that the “Reflection on Life No. 1” is akin to the “Reflection on Life No. 125082”; needless to say, this is true if one doesn’t delve into the RULES OF THE GAME that by now have been committed to memory.

Anna Frants

Technical outline for Reflection on Life

Participation in Exhibitions:
December 24, 2013 – January 11, 2014. Anna Frants. VISIONARY DREAMS № 3261-64. Borey Art Center, St.Petersburg, Russia