by Anna Frants
Felting by Hannes Kivits
Robotics and programing Aleksei Grachev
In collaboration with CYLAND media lab
North Pole – New York

Raskolnikov in Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky pondered a question: “And I a trembling creature or have I the right?” This installation answers positively both parts of this compound question: Yes, you are a trembling creature, and yes, you have the right… to tremble from any change in the world around you as do these hats felted by the Estonian artist … and set into moving or, rather, into trembling by any motion or gesture of the viewer. Perhaps, they literally follow the mandate of the Apostle Paul and “work out their salvation with fear and trembling”. Or they remind us that life is movement unlike, for instance, immovable stones above the Arctic Circle that, ironically, served as an inspiration for this work.

at ArtParis 2011
(special guest – Lydia Kavina)

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