Anna Frants, CYLAND MediaLab, SAO.STUDIO
Programming and Robotics: Filipp Avetisov, Christopher Palmer
Sound: Gaika Shirokova, Alexander Kraskin
Video Installation. Dimensions Variable
Engineers: Philipp Avetisov, Dmitry Shirokov

Anna Frants’ «Live cam Renaissance» incorporates а footage in real time and constructed soundscapes to explore the idea of live video streams as a building material for creative construction in the digital age.

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Technical outline for Live Cam Renaissance

Anna Frants – interview (2020)


by Anna Frants and Cyland Media Lab, SAO.STUDIO
Music: Filipp Avetisov
Live video, drums, animation, computer programming.
Engineers: Philipp Avetisov, Dmitry Shirokov

Last year I read in the newsfeed about the death of a long-beaked echidna at the Moscow Zoo. I had never heard about such an animal, so I decided to make inquires. After I had read more details about Smol who had lived for 18 years instead of 50, remained a virgin and died of a chronic pneumonia in the north, I wanted to do something about that. Since the artistic tools of our times allow us to use time, I decided to send Smol (may he rest in peace) on a world tour in search of his mate set to a cheerful African beat. Happy New 2016!

Patterns of the Mind / CONVERGENCE

by Anna Frants and Cyland Media Lab, SAO.STUDIO
Live video, computer programming.
London, 2016
Engineers: Philipp Avetisov, Dmitry Shirokov

“Live Cam Renaissance” by Anna Frants
Photo by Heiko Prigge

Anna Frants’ “Live Cam Renaissance” pairs found video footage with live streaming technology. Together, video streams past and present come to fuel 5 individual audio channels. When experienced as one, united soundscape, “Live Cam Renaissance” positions viewers between past and present, disrupting traditional technologies of representation and constructing a unique symphonic soundscape.