Breathing in the Air
By Anna Frants, 2010
Size: Variable

Whether it is, filled with regular air, hanging on a wall, or, filled with helium, breaking away from our hands toward the sky, a toy balloon is always an inanimate object. But in this installation, the balloons are not only animate, but also breathing. Decorative at its core, the balloons arranged on trees in a certain pattern, present a work of art in a traditional sense, though a compressor, that supplies them with air and makes them breathe in and out, turns this work into an example of the art that is certainly modern. But, timeless or avant-garde, this installation is inspired in a literal sense because the word “inspiration” means “breathed in by a god” whose role in this case is played by an electric machine.

September 4th, 2010 famous GOGOLFEST contemporary arts festival started in Kiev, Ukraine. Anna Frants and “Breathing in the Air” project took part in GOGOLFEST together with participants of the last Cyberfest: Ryan WOLFE, Alexandra Dementieva, Daniil FRANTS, Marina Alekseeva, Boris KAZAKOV, Hans TAMMEN, Mikhael A Crest Sator ArXeNeKrOHeN & Orlando Durando.