Anna Frants
from series “Coordinate system”
Installation, 2023

Arduino C, Python; Raspberry Pi 3, Arduino controllers; micro projectors, media players, LED strip; artificial plastic rock, podium

Engineers: Philipp Avetisov, Denis Andreev, Eugene Ovsyannikov, Dmitry Shirokov
Video engineer: Alexander Bochkov
Supported by CYLAND MediaArtLab

In her work “Obstinacy and Persistence”, Anna Frants reflects on these apparent synonyms. Obstinacy is common to both humans and animals, and even more so to the latter, since the saying goes “obstinate as a mule”, and not the other way around. As for persistence, it is mainly characteristic of people who possess this quality, helping them to win at any work, even as meaningless as the one Sisyphus had. Camus, however, believed that the Sisyphean labor has as much meaning as most of our contemporary jobs in factories or offices. An obstinate creature will make every effort to not budge. But a persistent person will be moving forward or upward, overcoming all the obstacles and being guided by a star in the sky or, by flickers of light running up the tamarind seedpod.



Anna Frants, with the participation of CYLAND MediaArtLab
Arduino C, Python; Raspberry Pi 3, stepper and servo motors, aluminum tubes, steel, PLA plastic acoustic horn, vinyl records, podium.

Engineers: Philipp Avetisov, Eugene Pavlov, Eugene Ovsyannikov, Dmitry Shirokov
Supported by CYLAND MediaArtLab
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