In Saint Petersburg, the contemporary art festival “Cyberfest” has opened.

Instead of paints and canvases, monitors and computer programs are used at this international festival of contemporary art. Over ten days, visitors can experience media object exhibitions, installations, and vibrant performances.

Don’t look for harmony in conceptual music. Englishman Sam Conran calls himself a sound production alchemist, and that’s it. No comments, no interviews. If you want to understand, just listen!

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From November 5 to 9, the educational program of international media-art festival CYFEST was carried out at the State Hermitage Youth Education Center. Also, there was a screening of the video-art works at Luda Gallery. The festival, which was founded eight years ago in St. Petersburg by the lab Cyland, has expanded its geography in the recent years, and now its participants include Berlin, Tokyo, New York and Moscow. The theme for 2014 is “The Other Home”. This event united international venues that have become “other homes” for each other. All the festival’s visitors, regardless of the place where it was held, were invited with the help of contemporary technologies and means of communication to plunge into the art life in other cities and countries.

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Outside the service entrance of the Cultural Flow Zone at Ca’Foscari Zattere, on an old wooden dock overlooking the canals, the team behind one of the preeminent satellite exhibitions on view now in conjunction with the 56th Venice Biennale takes the occasional cigarette break or stops to relax for a moment in the sunshine. Inside the Cultural Flow Zone, contemporary New Media art, digital video, and performative installations are carefully arranged in conversation with 20th century Russian paintings from the Arfiev group. With the exhibition On My Way finally open to the public after weeks of preparation and a glittering opening, co-curator and participating artist Anna Frants sat down to answer some questions about her own artistic practice, her career as a curator and running one of the Russia’s most significant New Media non-profits.


ART AND TECHNOLOGY MEET IN ST. PETERSBURG: An Interview with Five Female Artists of the CYLAND Media Art Laboratory

New media art is an extensive concept, which unites a number of different art forms made with the help of media technologies such as digital art, computer graphics, computer animation, virtual art, internet art, interactive art, video games, computer robotics, 3D printing, cyborg art and art as biotechnology. Media art has existed in Russia for more than twenty years and female artists were the core developers of media art in St. Petersburg. Taking the CYLAND media art laboratory as its vantage point, this interview with five artists aims to give an account of the history, key works, exhibitions and ideas in St. Petersburg media art. The artists participating in this interview are Anna Frants, Ludmila Belova, Alexandra Dementieva, Victoria Ilyushkina and Elena Gubanova. They all have exhibited their works extensively both in Russia and abroad and contributed significantly to the development of Russian media art and CYLAND’s development as one of the leading media art institutions in Russia.

By Daria Cherkashina